Group Lessons

Group Lessons

The Golf Academy introduces our new and improved Group Classes and Clinics designed to create a stimulating and enjoyable group learning environment. Our Classes/Clinics will cover a wide range of topics that cover all parts of the game. These group programs offer excellent value and are a great option for golfers who haven’t had previous instruction or feel more comfortable in a group setting.

Each event is $10 per person. Registration will open in the spring.

April 26th - 1:30pm – Putting 101 – 1hr
Come spend an hour with Jayme to sharpen up your putting. He will help all aspects of your putting game, from technique to speed control and how to aim.

May 18th - 10:00am – Equipment 101 – 1hr
In this session, Head Professional Andy will talk about and answer any questions you may have about equipment.


May 31st - 1:30pm – Chipping – How to Get Up and Down
Jayme with show you how to shave strokes off your game in this short game session.


June 22nd - 10:00am – Identifying Your Lie/Trouble Shots
Andy will show you how to play better golf by being able to identify your lie. Is the ball going to come out hot or flat? What club do I hit? He will also go over a few trouble shot to help you save a few shots out there.


July 5th - 1:30pm – Smash Your Drives
Want to hit further? Who doesn’t!!!! Jayme will give you some pointers to help you smash your tee shots!


July 20th - 10:00am – The importance of Alignment
Have you ever wondered why you hit it great on the driving range but can’t bring those shots to the golf course? It could be as simple as how you are lined up. Let Andy give you tips to get lined up properly and hitting better shots.


August 2nd - 1:30pm – Bunker Blast
Would you believe me that bunker shots are some of the easiest shots to hit in golf? Let Jayme give you some help and show you how easy it can be.


August 17th - 10:00am – Mental Game
In this session, Andy will give you some pointers on how to lower your scores just from improving your mental game.


September 6th – 1:30pm – Pitching – Mastering the 50 Yard Shot
Let our resident short game wizard – Jayme – show you the property techniques to hit it close from around 50 yards.


September 14th – 10:00am – Putting Challenge
Join Andy on the putting green for some putting games to sharpen your short game.

In this session, Head Professional Andy will talk about and answer any questions you may have about equipment.

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